We started in 2000 as an Alaskan home-based company making Herbal Skin Care Products and Custom Soy bean wax Candles. Since then our products have been distributed throughout the other 49 states and internationally. We now offer a large variety of handmade soap, oils, creams, lotions, soap and candle making supplies, raw herbs, essential oils, fragrance oils and several assorted containers and much more. We provide our customers with the best quality products, after thorough research and testing, and at reasonable and competitive prices. We even teach how to make your own personal care products and gifts. Our personalized customer service assures clear communication and satisfaction. We hope every customer comes away with new knowledge.


My husband David is retired and I am a Retired Trauma Nurse having worked 28 years in Emergency, Cardiac Rehab and Urgent Care. With over 60,000 hours of education in medicine, herbs and aromatherapy it was time to venture into another avenue of health and wellness. As Baby Boomers we saw a great need to address the quality of skin care and herbal products we use every day and also what chemicals we put in/on our body for different ailments.

We have studied and worked with labs, herbalists and chemists across the United States and Turkey, to find the best natural ingredients to use in our products and pass along to others….we purchase the highest quality herbs (organic or wildcrafted when possible). We love to share what we’ve learned with others and are constantly involved in some sort of continuing education. We want our customers to be informed and know what they are using in their body and on their skin. Many people don’t understand that herbs are like “medicine” and mixed in the wrong formulation can be lethal. It takes months of research and testing before any of our products are introduced to the public.