The Difference between Herbal and Organic

Many people including health experts confuse herbal and organic. Most people especially health conscious people use herbal medications; however, this does not mean those same people use organic products. Organic and herbal does not mean the same thing and is not the same thing. What is herbal medicines for example? It is medicines or products … Read more

Organic Advantages and Disadvantages

Years ago you had to visit a health food store in order to buy organic produce and many people did not even know what organic really meant. Today you can buy organic in any mainstream store, large manufacturers, independent manufacturers, as well as farmers markets. Whereas you could only buy organic meat, milk and dairy … Read more

Organic Food Facts

Looking at what organic foods is, regardless whether you are buying processed or fresh produce. In order for a food label to say it is organic there has to be no less than 95 percent of all the ingredients to originate from organically grown plants and animals. Food products must be grown and produced under … Read more