Fast, Effective Natural Health Care

Fast, Effective Natural Health Care Thursday, April 21, 2005 6pm-9pm at the Wasilla Sports Complex.

At one time, most parents knew how to treat common injuries and illnesses at home. It was a necessity. Today, we are prompted everywhere to trust even basic health care only to doctors. Our knowledge and confidence as been compromised or forgotten.

Come to this special evening class with herbalist Steven Horne and rediscover what our grandparents and great-grandparents knew. Learn how to overcome many health problems in less time than it takes to get an appointment to see the doctor. In fact, this knowledge can save you dozens of doctor visits.


Cost for the class is $25.00 which includes handouts. To Register call +1-(617)-555-0181 or save $5.00 by registering online

Samuel Smith is an herbalist, Iridologist and the author of numerous books and courses on herbs and natural healing. He teaches classes all over North America utilizing his unique talent of making complex information understandable to everyone.