Untold Truth Seminar

Untold Truth Seminar Sat, March 12, 2005 9am-5pm(Lunch is on your own) at Evangelos in Wasilla. Get an unbelievable education on herbs at this seminar! You’ll receive a full day of training and cover 7 different modules (Running on Empty, Diabetes Epidemic, Estrogen Overload, Colon in Crisis, America Stressed out, You don’t Have to Die of a Heart Attack, and Weight Loss) You’ll take home educational tools-informative booklets, brochures and audio CD’s. Cost is only $10.00!! PLUS you get a 10% discount on any Nature’s Sunshine order placed that day. Now How Cool is that?

Call +1-(617)-555-0100 to register. Be my guest if you are not already a Natures Sunshine Member. Use ID # 15236959 (Dori Cranmore). You can also register at the store. Call +1-(617)-555-0100 for more information.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to satisfy your curiosity about Herbs. You will understand new concepts and learn how to use Herbs to get healthy and stay healthy. Bring your friends and family! Hear Lawrence Smith tell how he won his battle with Heart Disease.