Muscle Caress

Mat-Su Skin Deep Herbal

Giving you a chemical free option for topical pain control


Continues to be our Number 1 seller after 5 years!


WITH ARNICA and many other natural herbs and oils.

Repeatedly tested and proven effective by crafters, mushers, doctors, massage therapists, concrete workers, plumbers, homemakers, truck drivers, athletes, nurses, physical therapists, waitresses, grocery clerks, commercial divers, computer and office personnel, family, friends and our dog. Click here to see what they have said.

You don’t have to use those smelly menthols to relieve your pain. Muscle Caress works much faster, and lasts longer than anything else on the market…….AND it’s ALL NATURAL! WE infuse OUR OWN OILS FROM RAW mostly organic HERBS SO WE ARE CONFIDENT OUR PRODUCT IS OF SUPERIOR QUALITY


This sensational blend of herbs and essential oils was personally developed for my bursitis. We have been getting an incredible amount of positive feedback on this new pain relief formula. It is so fast acting and subtle as it goes to work. It has a pleasant light herbal odor that doesn’t linger or make your skin feel greasy

Our fourteen year old Yellow Lab.. has her own bottle for her arthritic hips! She will stand still and let us rub it on her hips and can bounce around playing with her toys instead of doing the painful ‘combat crawl’ when her hips cramp up. She knows it helps.

We currently have several Veterinarian’s and professional dog mushers using Muscle Caress.

Why does Muscle Caress work better than any other product?

The combination of oils INCREASES CIRCULATION, bringing your own oxygen and blood supply to the cause of the pain allowing muscles to relax. PAIN and SPASMS disappear as the oil penetrates deep into the tissues. In some cases the relief has been within seconds and lasts 24hrs or longer.


Reported uses include;

Muscle pain and spasms
Repelling Mosquitoes
Charlie horses
Plantar faciatis
Bursitis, tendonitis
Tension, sinus and migraine headaches
Carpal tunnel
Bone pain
Sports injuries
Foot cramps
Tennis elbow
Rotator cuff, and other shoulder injuries
Chronic back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain
and multiple other conditions. Diabetics say it improves circulation to their feet, keeping them warmer.

The UNIQUE ROLL-ON fits easily into pocket or purse for quick self application and relief of most muscle pains within minutes……and it keeps working for hours. (many are reporting 24 hour relief after 1 application!)


Ingredients: Olive oil infused with rosemary, ginger, basil, marjoram, St. John’s wort, eucalyptus, benzoin, arnica, chamomile, juniper berry, white willow bark, vitamin E, capsaicin, peppermint, spearmint, white camphor e/o, black pepper e/o, geranium e/o, lemon e/o, and vetiver e/o.

Be sure to avoid eye contact with oil.

1 oz roll-on …………….$12.00
4 oz refill bottle………….$40.00

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Please note: Nothing contained within should be construed or interpreted to be medical advice nor is it intended to replace medical advice from your health care providers. Everyone’s skin is different and we make no claims or guarantees that our Skin Care products will react the same on each person. We have taken special care to use only the purest forms of herbs and oils to assure the highest quality products. You should always test your skin with any new product prior to use and check the ingredients if you have any existing allergies.