The Difference between Herbal and Organic

Many people including health experts confuse herbal and organic. Most people especially health conscious people use herbal medications; however, this does not mean those same people use organic products. Organic and herbal does not mean the same thing and is not the same thing. What is herbal medicines for example? It is medicines or products that are derived from plant and it can be grown either organic, chemically or naturally.
Now look at organic medicines and products and notice it is prepared and handled organically, its ingredients could also have animal sources. Organic productions mean that absolutely no chemicals were used in either production or processing or even preservation. Therefore is organic not herbal and the same goes for the opposite. The only thing is that in most countries, which include the United States is neither organic or herbal products and medicine regulated. The vast majority of these products are sold as natural products and dietary supplements and consumed without prescriptions.
You also hear about 100% natural products and this refer to products and medicine that are all natural and does not contain any synthetics or additives. In the same instance, could you take an herb for example herb arogyapacha, which is grown in the Kerala, India Forests that instead of being classified as herbal is classified as natural, simply because it is a naturally grown herb.
It is an obvious and general food label confusion and even when something is labeled as natural and it in fact should contain no preservatives, synthetic substances, artificial flavors or color to name a few you might find it loaded with all of that and other chemically derived additives. A good factor about organic products, which many consumers find expensive, is the fact that more it is purchased the more common it will become, which will drop the prices.