Clinical Practicum

Clinical Practicum April 22 &23 (Fri & Sat) 9am-5pm at The Healthy Herb Shoppe (Mile 1.3 Lucus Road) Class is strictly limited to 12 participants. (Don’t wait to register as there are only 4 spots left!)

Never before offered in Alaska, In this 2 day class, professional Clinical Herbalist Steven Horne, will do a live consult on each student using iridology, tongue and pulse, body typing, facial analysis, muscle testing and other health assessment tools.  This gives students the opportunity to observe the practical application of assessment skills and how to select remedies and develop a natural health program for a client or themselves.  Each student will also receive a free telephone follow-up, 2-4 weeks after the class.

Cost for the class is $200, which includes handouts and individualized instruction and a personal consultation. Pre-Registration is mandatory.  Call +1-(617)-555-0181 to register.  For more information and directions call Shirley at +1-(617)-555-0181