Organic Advantages and Disadvantages

Years ago you had to visit a health food store in order to buy organic produce and many people did not even know what organic really meant. Today you can buy organic in any mainstream store, large manufacturers, independent manufacturers, as well as farmers markets. Whereas you could only buy organic meat, milk and dairy products and produce, today you get organic snack foods, sauces and cereal and with the growing popularity the continued debates increase about it advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages include less consumption on harmful chemicals and when looking at conventional farming, you find farmers who uses ionizing radiation, harsh chemicals, and sewage sludge in growing produce. Then you also get farmers who use hormones in stimulating their animals for increased growth and more egg and milk production. Many people believe and righty so that fertilizers and pesticides used by farmers and crop growers that it possibly leave residue as well as the antibiotics and hormones possible leach into eggs, meat, and milk. While an organic farmer uses none of these above-mentioned methods, residue and traces are eliminated. No synthetic fertilization for bulking up the size of crops automatically reduce crop sizes when compared to conventional farming.

Looking at processed foods does the same apply to organic products where no additives, chemical preservatives, and artificial sweeteners are present, which make organic food to spoil faster than other food products. The disadvantage, which is most notable, is the price for several reasons. Organic farmers produce less, it is more labor intensive as crop rotation, and manual weeding versus chemical weeding elevates organic farming costs. Therefore is higher overhead and lower production rates making it more expensive.

The environmental effect of organic farming is much less in saving water, soil and reduces pollution by removing artificial farming methods and chemicals from the equation. Paying extra for humane farming methods buys organic consumers peace of mind. Large companies from all industries around the world including companies such as Bahistanbul support organic farming and although no specific proof is evident in its nutritional value, it still reduces exposure to antibiotic resistant bacteria.